Three Dined Lice, Three Dined Lice
See how we run, see how we run,
We all run after the kiddies hair
To feed all day without a care
We'll search you out wherever you are
We're Three Dined Lice

Hi Guys,

Looking for a new home and Adventure

Mum and Dad moved into the forest just before we came along. There weren't many of us then, but now even using my six legs - I find it really hard just to keep count of my new brothers and sisters

Mum says we should be looking for somewhere else soon. We can't jump or fly but we can run fast and Mum has told us what we need to look for.

There are lots of different kids to visit.


Mum says 1 in 3 of you will be visited by me or my relations sometime during the year. We are going to have so many adventures!

Mum says there are some no go zones where some kids use Protec head lice repellent, which they've named after me,  so we won't be able to go there.

Mum says they are forming a Club called S.A.F.E. Club which she says stands for Safe Area From Ed. Luckily for us though, Mum says that these are few and far between as yet so we'll have lots of kids to chose from - we might event visit you.....!

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