PROTEC "Ed Lice" Head Lice Repellent costs around £7.95 per 100ml bottle and each application lasts up to 2 days.*

A year's protection against head lice for your kids will cost less than £20.00 per year, 38p per day - less than the cost of a second class stamp.

In fact a 100ml PROTEC "Ed Lice Repellent" bottle costs no more than a typical bottle of treatment shampoo, will last a whole term and will prevent head lice infestations saving you precious time as well.

Remember, it's not just the money. Children will be children so its knowing your child is safe and able to enjoy all the things that children love to do, especially little girls: hug and share things with their friends without all the do's and dont's.

It will also save you from bad hair nights!

Prevent head lice infestations and PROTEC your family.

* Protec "Ed Lice" Repellent should be applied each time the hair is washed or gets wet to maintain it's effectiveness.

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