PROTEC "Ed Lice" Repellent is safe for use on children and babies of all ages.

Apply only to hair which is free from head lice and their eggs. If head lice or their eggs are believed to be already in the hair, we recommend treating head lice by combing them out using the PROTEC "Ed Lice" Head Lice Comb.

1    Brush hair up and spray upwards from the roots

2    Finally spray once all over the head

3    PROTEC "Ed Lice" Repellent will be effective for 2 days as long as hair remains dry

4    Re-apply after swimming or the hair getting drenched.

5    Apply each time hair is washed

WARNING: Protect the eyes when spraying as PROTEC "Ed Lice" Repellent can cause eye irritation.
                     For External Use only.

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