DO make sure you use PROTEC Ed Lice" Repellent to prevent infestation and protect your children all year round.

Another alternative, not one we recommend because we all know that children will be children, is to follow the DO's and Don'ts guide:

DO's - things to tell your children:
  • that having head lice is nothing to do with cleanliness or social status and is nothing to be ashamed of
  • to try and avoid head-to-head contact at school and while playing at home with other children
  • not to share combs, brushes, hats, caps, scarves, ribbons, hair ties or bands, towels, helmets or other personal care items, with anyone else
  • not to lie on bedding, pillows and carpets that have recently been used as the previous user may have head lice, especially important at sleep-overs.
DO's - things for you to do:
  • carry out regular detection combing  and if you find head lice, treat immediately.*
  • use pesticide shampoos or other treatments on your child's head unless it is necessary! These can be a health risk! Also many strains of head lice are now becoming resistant to the pesticides used in head lice shampoos and conditioners
  • treat your pets for human head lice. Lice cannot live on pets; they must have human blood and a human host. Treating your pet as well may be harmful as some of the pesticides used in head lice shampoos are toxic to them, i.e. permethrin, a common pesticide found in head lice shampoos, is toxic to cats and can be fatal.**

* The PROTEC "Ed Lice" Head Lice Comb will be available shortly. Register here and make sure you receive your free PROTEC "Ed Lice" comb worth £7.50. Terms and conditions apply.
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